Industrial Services

Communication Devices & Mobile Computing Services

Mobile DevicesMIG is an authorized reseller partner of Motorola for North America, with a concentration on RFID, communication devices and mobile computing.

As well as products, MIG provides on-site surveys to upgrade existing infrastructure and new systems. In partnerships with strategic alliances, we can provide labor, specific materials for programming and installation. MIG supports customers with technical support and project management.


Manufacturing Process Outsourcing

MIG has extensive experience in developing, implementing and manufacturing operations inside customers facilities. This has proven to be an excellent cost saving process for companies to outsource products without relenting total control.

How We Do It…people


  • Electrical Test Team: Testing automation and elimination of some low risk items. Also improved equipment reliability.
  • Process improvement Teams: Customer defects improvements.
  • Supplier Improvement Team: Customer and Internal defect improvements.

What MIG's MPO can bring to you:

  • Lean organizational structure
  • Quicker decision making
  • Value-add based management
  • On-staff resources including - Maintenance, Auditors Mfg Engineers, Quality Systems
  • Over twenty years of manufacturing experience
  • Local relationships
  • Employee versatility
  • No transportation cost
  • The ability of the customer to concentrate on their core competencies
  • Visibility
  • Cost savings and give-back from process improvements activities


MIG and xpedx have a strategic alliance to provide Facilities, Industrial supplies and services. Includes services and kitting and fulfillment.