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MIG has demonstrated its agility over the years in several ways. MIG has taken over seventy existing programs due to bankruptcy, poor quality concerns, downsizing and/or consolidation. MIG has standardized procedures for equipment transfers, job training, PPAP, program launching and material buyouts.

MIG’s Six Sigma Team is regularly utilized for problem solving and for the continual optimization of processes. MIG’s Tennessee operations currently employ a total of 10 Six Sigma Black Belts.

Our five locations in Tennessee are ideal for supporting Tier One suppliers throughout the South East and the Midwest. MIG is within three hours of every automotive manufacturer in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. We are also within ten hours of seventy percent of the United States.

Our welding, assembly and stamping experience in the automotive industry is second to none. Our average years of experience is over thirty. MIG’s "Best Welding Practices" manual is currently used by two of our customers.

MIG has internal capabilities in tooling, gage, and machine development. These invaluable capabilities are critical to our success, efficiency, and competiveness as a metal fabricator.