Manufacturers Industrial Group, LLC is dedicated to providing quality products by controlling its processes from design to shipping to our customers. We use a team approach as we develop our process control plans to ensure all in-process quality controls are put in place throughout the process. We also work directly with our customers engineers in the design phase to ensure the most practical and efficient welds are specified for the products.

MIG invests in error proofing devices for our assembly equipment to eliminate the change of building products incorrectly.

All of our tests are conducted in-house and with a certified third party.

Finish Product Testing

  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Video Microscopic Cut & Etch Inspection
  • Pull/Push/Shear destructive testing
  • Strength and Durable Testing

Continuous Controls and Monitoring Systems

  • Six Sigma disciplines
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 5-S Policies

In-Process Controls